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"Let me help you find a college that fits."

College Events

My students never miss out on local opportunities to meet college representatives from all over the world. Here are some perennial fixtures coming soon to your area:

Test Prep

From the top-of-the-line one-to-one expert tutoring of Stumptown Test Prep, to the free-and-easy questions of the day, here are some resources to get you started in the world of standardized test preparation:

Financial Planning

The cost of college can staggeringly vary among families and types of institutions. It's essential to learn the basics and forecast costs based on different tuition structures.

Enrichment Beyond School

There are a gazillion opportunities out there for high schoolers in terms of activities, jobs, internships, travel, volunteering, academic advancement and more to explore beyond the classroom. Here are just a few links to inspire you:

Writing Contests

I'm only a fan of bolstering resumes with truly impressive, meaningful work. Already have some poems, fiction, or nonfiction? Here are some reputable writing contests especially designed for teens: